Friday, April 13, 2007

Web promotional tools that WILL help you.

I have been using many tools over the years that help to promote my websites, and receive the traffic that we all wish for. Imagine having thousands of visitors to your site everyday, yep that's right imagine.

But there is no need to to that it can not be done, IT CAN!

Every now and again someone somewhere creates a new promotional product that will help you get better rankings , more traffic and help you make your web site TOP of the SEO world within your category.

Now not every product works and many are a scam but none the less i buy them and try them out, the ones that do not work , well lets just say "Trash can" , but there are a few that have proven very worth while.

So in this post i am going to give you a short list of products that i have bought and DO really work.

1: Michael's traffic videos This is a series of video tutorials and great advice and ideas that absolutely rock, if you watch listen and do you will not go wrong, trust me buy the videos and see the turn around in no time at all.

2:Adwords 180 Looking At Google Adwords From A New Angle. Probably The Most Revolutionary Adwords Guide In The Last 4 Years.

3: Social Book marking software. Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to add your links to all those top social book marking sites? Yes then here is your answer New Software! - Tagging With Social Book marking And Get Targeted Traffic And High Pr Back links Automatically.

Anyway there are just a few of my top products so far in 2007 if you do end up taking my advice and buying one or all of these products i would love to here how you got on, and how you managed to turn your website around in just a few days or weeks.


Milan said...

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vishal said...

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Harshajyoti Das said...

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Ice Wolf said...
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Ice Wolf said...

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