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Using a free source to submit your website

I use WebCeo mainly to monitor my sites rankings in the search engines. Here are some of the things that it can do:

  • Get the list of keywords and keyphrases that will bring most targeted visitors to your site.

  • Optimize your Web pages for top-10 positions and superior visibility in major search engines all over the globe.

  • Submit your site to search engines that bring so much traffic to your competition.

  • Analyze and build links by performing a profound link research and then finding and contacting the best of potential link partners.

  • Manage pay-per-click campaigns from a single unified workspace.

  • Track your positions in search engines and know for sure how effective your Website promotion efforts are.

  • Get a ground-breaking insight into site, its visitors, and the origins of traffic. Who are they? Where do they come from? And 100 more reports!

  • Easily edit your Web pages in Visual and HTML views. Get instant access to important tags without striving through HTML. Change anything on your pages with one click.

  • Upload any file or folder to your host without getting through sophisticated FTP routines.

  • Monitor the availability of your website to know when your server or host goes down to immediately react.

Web CEO comes in a free version that is completely full featured and ad free. The paid edition is even better and has no limitations at all.


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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The definition of Search Engine Optimization is to make your website search engine friendly. Search engine enables the internet user to find the sites of their interest when a keyword is entered by the user. A search engine runs the spiders, collects and stores the data from all over the world.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is the methods of using the Internet to promote products and services includes Search Engine optimization, Email Marketing and pay-per-click, Search Engine Marketing.

What is SEM?

SEM means Search engine Marketing. SEM refers to using paid listings, paid inclusion and PPC (Pay Per Click) to promote websites using search engines.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing for my website?
After spending lots of money in making an appealing website and in advertisement, you might find that very less people are visiting your site. People surfing through internet do not have the patience to look through millions of pages shown in the search engine result. It has been noted that the net users visit only the top ten results. If your website is not in top search results, you lose your customer to your competitors.

By optimizing your website, you will get more business as more people will visit your website. You will get more leads as your website is in top ranking.

How much time does it take to list new website in Google search engine?

It takes at least 6 months to list a new website in Google search engine result pages. You will have to be patient and wait for the page to appear in top ranking. Sometimes your new website appears on the top rank and suddenly falls down. There are many theories regarding this sudden change in the website ranking. One of the theory is Google Aging Delay.

Google Ageing: Google has incorporated the ageing delay to stop the inflation of artificial linking strategy. The artificial reciprocal linking will show high link popularity and PageRank. Many of the websites appearing in top position in Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines may not appear on top position because of Google Ageing.

Be patient! It is advisable to plan ahead, register your domain name and configure the hosting. Temporary pages with enough content and all the requirements for listing in a directory must be put on the server.

What is the difference between search engine and directory?

Search engines: It is programmed software which collects the data from the web sites all over the world, stores them, and later retrieves the related data when a user enters the keyword in the search engine.

Directories: As the name suggests, directories are like white pages or yellow pages which catalogs businesses according the field they serve. These web-based directories are organized by human editors. Yahoo is first directory categorizing different businesses. With increase in number of website all over the world, it became impossible to catalog all the businesses manually.

Difference: Search engines are programmed software, whereas the directories are cataloged manually.

Is there a guarantee my site will be listed in top ranking in Google?

Be cautious of the SEO companies that guarantee you top listing of your website in search engines. Google has very clearly explained that no one can guarantee No.1 position, not even Google.

You will get further information in the Google site. Please Click here.

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SEO Tips
1. A good layout for each page.
2. Important information at the top of the webpage.
3. Size of a webpage should not be too long as visitors do not like to scroll.
4. Proper navigation tools.
5. Always make headings or titles in bold and underline most important lines of your webpage.
6. Content should be informative.
7. Your images should be described via ALT Tags

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A search engine runs the spiders, collects and stores the data from all over the world.
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