Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looking to the future 2007

Looking to the future of web site promotion creates its own unique concepts. If you have an e-commerce store that sells a particular product and you wish to gain high traffic and large sales, how are you going to make it happen?

Well, here at Web Design Studio we keep our finger on the pulse and stay ahead of the rest when it comes to marketing your products.

The power of the media:

No longer do you have to spend thousands of ££ on TV advertising. In 2007 web media i.e. video marketing on websites such as You tube, Google videos, flur and many others is what will drive sales and visitors to your site this year. In February of 2006 You tube received over 4.2million visitors, now if just 1% of those visitors saw your advert for your product, and if just 0.5% of them came to your site. and if just 0.25% of them had bought your product for £10 you would have earned £10.000 in sales, from one video advert that would have cost you less than £500.

Web design Studio are pleased to offer you this marketing formula and with the right concept in mind you could double your sales within one month.

The proof !

Take for example a company that wishes to market a brand new blender called the "totalblender" what they did to drive sales through the roof and receive tens of thousands of visitors was inspiring to us all. Here’s what they did for their video media advertising campaign.

View the video "Blending a crowbar"

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