Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Tagging Sensation

The Internet, from its beginning to now, has always been a huge spawning ground for new and sensational ideas. Although these ideas usually come and go, many of them do indeed stick around for awhile. So what is all the hype on the Internet today? Tagging. Tags are relevant keywords related or connected to a piece of information such as an article, blog posting, or even a website.

In the early stages of the Internet, we had regular, plain ol' directories. Today, we have tagging websites. When submitting your website to a tagging directory, you will select the tags that you feel is relevant to your website and those tags will be used to describe your website. This is truly a revolutionary idea as more and more regular web users will be able to experience an increased user-friendly Web. They will also have the ability to find the information that they want to retrieve quickly and easily without having to rummage through irrelevant links.

Beyond the user experience, tagging can be greatly beneficial to search engine optimization. On tagging sites, the tags that you have selected would be relatively similar to the content on your website. It “categorizes” your website using those tags. Adding your sites to these tagging directories give your links that “human” touch that old-style directories lack. And doing all this tagging for your website is extremely simple and takes less than a minute.

More and more tagging directories are popping up all over the Internet – because they work. Many webmasters have already added directory tagging to their to-do list when they begin to link build for their own websites. A definite win-win situation for the webmaster and the users. It's a new thing that's catching on fast and becoming a big hit!

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